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How Sports Illustrated impacted Floyd Little’s life

By Tom Mackie

It’s not often that a sports magazine can have such an impact on a player’s life. But for Hall of Famer, Floyd Little, two Sports Illustrated articles have impacted his life so greatly that they still resonate with him in his current role as the special assistant to the athletic director at Syracuse.

No, we’re not talking about anything that ego-centric Peter King wrote. Turns out his continual bashing of Floyd Little in his minutia-exhausting Monday Morning Quarterback column leading up to Little’s election to the Hall of Fame had zero impact. Of course, King’s infamous phone call hours after Little was elected to the Hall, telling him he didn’t vote for the Broncos legend, was as classless a move as a sportswriter could ever make.

“Peter King is a horrible person for doing that, that’s for sure” says Little. “But his attacks had no bearing on anything I did as a player or how I feel about my career

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True Gridiron’s Super Bowl Prediction: Cowboys & Texans

By Tom Mackie

Oh, I can hear the grief already! “Cowboys suck, they choke. They will never win a Super Bowl with Tony Romo.”

Really? That’s what they used to say about Peyton Manning when he was slugging through yet another playoff loss to Tom Brady and the Patriots. But even Peyton, who never won a big game in college, finally turned the corner with the right coach

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True Gridiron’s AFC Camp Primer

The media will always follow the brightest lights. Basically, anything that happens to mention guys named Tebow or Peyton or Brady or, well, that’s about it. But here at True Gridiron, we’re taking you beyond the obvious media sound bites. As camp opens up, here are the more important battles to watch out for from every AFC team.



True Gridiron’s NFC Camp Primer

Well, it looks like Eli Manning’s 2011 preseason assessment wasn’t so crazy after all. As you recall, last year the “other” Manning proclaimed that he too was an elite QB. Superfans of Brady, Rodgers, Brees and Eli’s big bro, Peyton, scoffed. Now, nearly 12 months later young Eli is enjoying the last laugh with more Super Bowl victories than all of them, except for Mr. Gisele. Who will be the big surprise this year in the NFC? Here’s True Gridiron’s take on what to look for during the 2012 NFC training camps, which I guarantee you will be different from what the media is hyping!




What Tebow really brings to the Jets

Three years from now, ESPN is going to show a clip of a beaming John Elway answering a reporter’s question about the team’s Plan B scenario in case Peyton Manning does not last the season.

“Plan B?” Elway grinned, “We don’t have a Plan B. We’re going with Plan A!” The clip will include a heavy dose of the laughter that ensued. But three years from now, the question about whether bringing in “Plan A” Manning with “Plan B” Caleb Hanie as the backup (and whomever the Broncos draft over the






Broncos Ring of Fame: Still Rings a Little Hollow

With the announcement of Broncos receiver Rod Smith as the 23rd Bronco in the team’s Ring of Fame, it’s time to take a closer look at this Hall of Fame for Broncos.

In 1970, the Kansas City Chiefs established a team hall of fame to honor those who made outstanding contributions to the franchise's success. Since then, the Chiefs have inducted a player or coach every year except one – that’s over 40 Chiefs. The San Diego Chargers began honoring their best in 1976, again with at least one inductee per year. Today there are more than 35 Chargers in its hall of fame.


Who’s Next?

With the 2012 Hall of Fame preliminary list announced, Broncos
fans ask the obvious. 

The Broncos are on a roll! In 2004, after 45 years of existence, John Elway became the first Bronco inducted in the Hall of Fame. Four years later, tackle Gary Zimmerman
became the second. Then last year finally, The Franchise Floyd Little. Now that Shannon Sharpe has bulldozed his bust into Canton’s door, who will be the next eligible Bronco to
sport the mustard jacket? 

Instead of blathering on with speculation and considering guys who are not yet eligible (the Tom Nalens and Jason Elams, etc.), let’s cut to the chase by asking the man who has
presented Broncos



Last Updated: October 3, 2012




Meet Floyd Little this
Friday, Sept. 7 @
7 p.m., at Bookends
in Ridgewood, NJ

Floyd will be signing
copies of his new book,
Promises to Keep

Broncos Hall of Famer
Floyd Little is a busy
man. The Franchise, a
true American hero born
on Independence Day,
just turned 70-years young.
But he still looks like he
could romp 80 yards for a
TD. True to his trademark
running style, Floyd spent
most of the past month
zigzagging across the
country to celebrate his
birthday, with his wife and
children in LA and
Washington, DC., then
attended a good friend’s
birthday to boot. There was
also a family reunion, and
next week Floyd heads back

to Canton for enshrinement
weekend, as the Hall
welcomes 6 new members.

Floyd also has a new
book coming out,
Promises to Keep
, on
Sept. 1st that’s guaranteed
to get national attention. It
chronicles his life’s journey
from Syracuse to Denver to
Canton and beyond. While
most men his age are
retired, Floyd’s never been
known for taking things
slow. Last year, he accepted
his dream job. He returned
to Syracuse as the Special
Assistant to the Athletic
Director. With his new

book coming out and the
college football season
getting underway, I caught
up with my childhood idol
before he was off again!


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